What Is This All About ?

The writers gathered here have adopted one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on the writing blog Shameless Words. By adopting a lion, the writers have become a member of this new writing circle. The lions have been posted in the sidebars of the writers' individual blogs, accompanied by a poem or piece of prose. Of course, it is hoped that the strength, luck and prestige of these mighty beasts will rub off on their owners! (Keep scrolling down to see the full listings of all members and their lions).

Lion 32 - The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author


Lion 32:

His Majesty Arthur Winston.

Artist behind the lion:

Emanuelle Rey (French painter).

Adoptive Writer:

The Wandering Author at The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author.

Blog Description:

This is the blog of a prolific male writer based in New England. Short stories and prose seem to be the focus here and readers are often treated to dazzling writing that challenges and entertains. There is a great variety of material available and it's clear that this blog has built up a steady stream of loyal readers. This is someone who also gets in behind various writing projects for good causes. Part of the message on the main page reads: "every author illuminates their heart and soul on the pages they write upon."

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

The last lion,
Survivor of hunters
Lacking manhood,
Poachers, tourists, progress,
Stands proudly,

In his mind,
His coat glows
Smooth and tawny.
King of Beasts,
No matter
How many patches.
He fights on,
Magnificent, wondrous, doomed.

What have we done?
Woe, when such creatures
Live no more...

1 comment:

Verilion said...

Let's hope we never get to that stage. This is a very moving poem, I hope to hear more from His Majesty Arthur Winston.