What Is This All About ?

The writers gathered here have adopted one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on the writing blog Shameless Words. By adopting a lion, the writers have become a member of this new writing circle. The lions have been posted in the sidebars of the writers' individual blogs, accompanied by a poem or piece of prose. Of course, it is hoped that the strength, luck and prestige of these mighty beasts will rub off on their owners! (Keep scrolling down to see the full listings of all members and their lions).

Lion 10 : Neil Hester


Lion 10:


Artist behind the lion:

Shih Chun Lee (Taiwanese painter)

Adoptive Writer:

Neil at Neil Hester.

Blog Description:
Neil is a 17-year-old from Texas in the US. He hits you between the eyes with his sharp words and superb perspective. He has a love of poetry and that shines through on this site ... when he is not busy studying. He welcomes people to his blog by saying: "I like poetry. I wear briefs, but not bios. Well, boxer briefs. Though I am "bio"logical. And "brief"logical, come to think of it. Anyhow... poetry is good for your health; poems make you well, very much like prunes. Poems, however, don't have that devilish tendency to shrivel up (or down) and whatnot.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:


I tried to photograph him yesterday;
He ran- well, looked- well, faded away,
Only part (about half) way there.
The rest of him was, oh, somewhere
(For nowhere is such a gloomy place).
Then grinned a face from about the trees;
I leveled, focused, and said, "Say cheese!"


Jessica Schneider said...

Neil finally got his lion...

Neil said...

Yep; I'm quite excited ^^