What Is This All About ?

The writers gathered here have adopted one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on the writing blog Shameless Words. By adopting a lion, the writers have become a member of this new writing circle. The lions have been posted in the sidebars of the writers' individual blogs, accompanied by a poem or piece of prose. Of course, it is hoped that the strength, luck and prestige of these mighty beasts will rub off on their owners! (Keep scrolling down to see the full listings of all members and their lions).

Lion 21 - Failed Painter


Lion 21:


Artist behind the lion:

Monika Drapalova (Czech designer).

Adoptive Writer:

LMN at Failed Painter.

Blog Description:

LMN produces a dazzling blog full of paintings, photos and wonderful writing. She is an artist and mother who lives in Queensland, Australia. She writes regular posts and is building up a strong following of writers and artists. The style of her site is rich and colourful, providing lots of entertainment and reflection for visitors. She is married to a wonderful sculptor and their house has an amazing view to die for.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:


Expecting the odd chin whisker,
Half-hoping for a beguiling Van Dyke.
But a mane?
The hackamore failed to curb this new grey restlessness,
yet another gift of menopause to the black and white of her Jesuit vista.
The saddle of domesticity chaffed.
Clearing her throat, she tentatively roared.


Verilion said...

Yay, another Lioness! Hope she gets truly roaring.

Cailleach said...

I said I loved this, and I do so get it :)

Minx said...


LJCohen said...

This made me laugh. Thank you for that. :)

"yet another gift of menopause" LOL

exskindiver said...

I especially LOVED the last two lines--
The saddle of domesticity chaffed.
Clearing her throat, she tentatively roared.