What Is This All About ?

The writers gathered here have adopted one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on the writing blog Shameless Words. By adopting a lion, the writers have become a member of this new writing circle. The lions have been posted in the sidebars of the writers' individual blogs, accompanied by a poem or piece of prose. Of course, it is hoped that the strength, luck and prestige of these mighty beasts will rub off on their owners! (Keep scrolling down to see the full listings of all members and their lions).

Lion 27 - Barbara's Bleeuugh !


Lion 27:


Artist behind the lion:

Paul Marandon (French sculptor).

Adoptive Writer:

Cailleach at Barbara's Bleeuugh!

Blog Description:

This blog is produced by Barbara Smith, an Irish writer and poet. This mother of six, who is about to complete a BA in literature, also writes criticism. On her blog, which is very witty and addictive, she also says: "I earn money conventionally doing admin for a Golf Club to help feed and clothe the six monsters that me and Fin keep under the stairs in a dark cupboard. Some day these monsters will unleashed - woe betide the world - you were warned here first!

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Raga's Song

Above me stands the driver,
heels on the curve
of my tawny rump.
I don’t mind – he’s blinded
with the weight on his mind.

He carries driftwood
connected finely to the reins.
My reign ends – his begins.

We see hear speak
the world’s weight
in pancakes and champagne.


L.M.Noonan said...

Welcome Cailleach, you took your time bagging your splendid lion...and you've been neglecting your blog! Six kids- I don't know how you do it woman.

Minx said...

Glad you're in, Babs. Looking forward to your piece....

Cailleach said...

Thanks lmn and minx. T'is done! come have a look see on my slightly rearranged blog. :)

Verilion said...

This lion was in my shortlist and I've actually seen him in person presiding over a brasserie near Lyon station. I'm glad you've given Raga a better home.

Cailleach said...

Thanks V, of I play my cards right, I might get to see him for real some day... wouldn't that be the coolest? ;)

Verilion said...

Oh yes, his Lyonnaise home is dead cool!

Lo said...

Excellent poem/tribute. It's perfect.

Atyllah said...

Yeah, I really like Raga's Song! Good of him to recognise that drivers are generally blinded by the weight on their minds - like most humans :-)

Cailleach said...

hey, thanks lo and atyllah. I love working from pictures and art. This is a perfect combo of both.