What Is This All About ?

The writers gathered here have adopted one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on the writing blog Shameless Words. By adopting a lion, the writers have become a member of this new writing circle. The lions have been posted in the sidebars of the writers' individual blogs, accompanied by a poem or piece of prose. Of course, it is hoped that the strength, luck and prestige of these mighty beasts will rub off on their owners! (Keep scrolling down to see the full listings of all members and their lions).

Lion 4 - Locution


Lion 4:

Simha (lion in Telugu)

Artist behind the lion:

Madhu Basu (Indian painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Deepthi at Locution.

Blog Description:

The owner of this blog lives in Andhra Pradesh state in India. The writing here works in stirring up images of this part of the world, but photos and images are also used to illustrate things. There is a focus on poems, which are also very evocative. The subjects covered include reflections on everyday life but some also delve into the spiritual and lyrical. This is the first blog from India in the writing circle and we hope there will be others.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Simha stood there staring at the future,

"What do you see I asked'?

"I see the world turning into a menace,he answered.I see the children of tomorrow crying for a better today.I see the nature asking for mercy or some kind of attention.I see nature crying to be protected,sheltered in the green pasture, under a gulmoher tree."

"See what I am today,just a mere animal standing under the scorching sun.I have no fear nor does anyone fear me.Infact I can see few who wear me.They say they killed the king of the jungle.When,to talk there is no jungle ,where would there be a king then.

Saying this he kept staring into nothing...now was it the future ????

He adorns the symbol of love,he respects all religions,his body is a graffiti of the pain he is going through.Let us make that pain disappear.Let us give him back the majestic look.the forest,the fur,the spirit,the shade the unity he asks...

Let us transport him to the future he dreams of.....


Verilion said...

Here's to Simha's future Deepthi.

Deepthi said...

thnkx for the toast verilion....

Shameless said...

Hi there,
Things looking great here. You need to send through a poem/prose piece of 48 words or under if you want to be eligible for the writing circle contest. Judging starts this Wednesday. Check out the circle site. Email me or post your piece into the comments section of your listing. :)